Dec. 01, 2011
2013 Flip Dog Pilates Pricing
First Introductory/Evaluation Session: Free
If you are new to Refomer Bed pilates, we would like you to attend a basic information class. We offer several Fundemental and Level I and II classes. This intro class is for the super beginner. If you have tried reformer bed classes before, call the studio and we will find a class time that will work for you and your needs. Studio owner Vicki Cross 215-450-4336
Pilates Equipment/Reformer Bed Group Classes
Drop In Reformer Bed Class: $27
5 Reformer Bed Classes: $125
(Expires in 60days)
10 Reformer Bed Classes: $230
(Package only available for purchase in studio/Expires in 4 months)
10 Reformer Bed Classes: $240
(Package purchased on line/Expires in 4 months)
20 Reformer Bed Classes: $430
(Package available on line/Expires in 6 months) 
Mat with Props Classes
Drop in Mat class $15
5 Classes: $60
Student Rates
$15.00 Per Reformer Bed Class/Contact studio for purchase or
3 Reformer Classes: $50 Purchased on line
Pilates Reformer Bed Equipment Private Sessions
One 1 hour session: $70.00
Five 1 hour sessions: $335.50
Ten 1 hour sessions: $650.00
Pilates Reformer Bed Equipment Semi-Private Sessions
(two people)
One 1 hour session: $52.50 (per person)
5 Pack: $250.00 (per person)
No Membership required
Prices Subject to Change without notice
To ensure your desired day and time, you may register up to one month in advance. If you have reserved a bed or mat for a particular class, please call or email with as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend so that we may make the bed available to someone else. If less than 12 hours notice is given (barring an emergency), you will be charged.