About Flip Dog Pilates
Visualize an exercise program that keeps you wanting more. A fresh program that you look forward to and leads you to a sense of accomplishment and physical and mental well being. Our proven contemporary method of pilates creates and increases flexibility and strength for the entire body through a series of precise and controlled graceful movements, which engages both the body and mind.
Our method is not just one exercise program. We offer modern programming options with flowing sequences of exercises, which focus on muscle fatigue, elongation, core strength, flexibility and balance. Our innovative programs options include: Cardio jump board, Interval Training, Full Body workout, Stretch and the Peak Pilates Chair workout. Our Mat and Stretch Pilates classes are also for all levels of fitness.
Whether you are new, experienced or rehabilitating an injury, Flip Dog Pilates is for you.
At Flip Dog Pilates, we will tailor your session to your goals safely We want each session to leave you feeling rejuvenated physically and mentally.
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5806 Route 202, Lahaska, PA 18931